I highly recommend Dr. Abdulla for all of your dental care needs. She has the most amazing personality and makes you feel at eaze when she works on your mouth. The office is run efficiently and I cant say enough good things about my dental treatment. The cleanings are great and dont forget to try the ozone treatment to kill all harmful pathogens that may be lurking!!

Debbie F., Irvine, CA

Via Yelp Testimonial

Dr Abdullah is the best! I have avoided the dentist for a few years because I couldn't find a good dentist. Dr Abdullah is kind and caring. She's a keeper!

Nancie's I., CA, CA

Via Yelp Testimonial

I have battled severe sleep apnea for over 15 years. I was CPAP intolerant. Have tried multiple alternative treatments. Nothing worked! My coworker referred me to Dr Abdulla.

I cannot express enough my gratitude for giving me my life back! The process is simple and worth any effort to sleep uninterrupted again! I do not wake up tired, nor do I fall asleep while driving!
Thank you again!

Patrick O., Trabuco Canyon, CA

Via Yelp Testimonial

Firstly, I want to say that seeing Dr. Ann Abdulla was a life changing experience for me and I am very grateful to her and the staff. I have had diagnosed sleep apnea for over 14 years and have been using the c-pap to treat my disease. over a year ago I was so discourage to be tied to an electrical outlet to get a good night sleep. So I went into my Kaiser Doctor and was referred to Dr. Abdulla to be fitted for a dental device for sleep apnea. The whole process was a bit discouraging for me because upon adjusting the dental device I had an outer ear burning sensation and this caused me to have to be titrated at an extremely slow rate. i wanted to give up but I didn't because Dr. Abdulla and her staff is very kind and always called to remind me that I had an appointment the day before. So when the device was adjusted to a level the Dr. Abdulla was comfortable with, I went to Orange County Sleep Center to have a sleep study. After my results came in I saw my primary sleep doctor from Kaiser and he was very pleased with my results. My study showed scientific proof that my apnea events went down from 10 events an hour with c-pap, to 3 apnea events an hour with the dental device. My Kaiser doctor told me that my sleep apnea disorder is clinically resolved with the dental device. I am so happy that I perseverred and I owe that solely to the professionalism, honesty, and kindness of Dr. Abdulla's office. If I would have gone to my other dentist, who I no longer see, to get my dental device I would have not followed through to the end. I recommend anyone who has sleep apnea in the Orange County area to see Dr. Abdulla and see if the dental device is a solution for your sleep apnea. She told me that many clients have better results with the dental device compared to c pap. Also, I just started to see Dr. Abdulla for dentistry as well. I ended coverage with my previous dentist in San Clemente. I now see Dr. Abdullah and discovered that me previous dentist was dishonest. I kind of felt that before but now I am certain. So, I appreciate you, Dr. Abdulla, and your staff. You have truly changed my life.

Andrew S., San Clemente, CA

Via Yelp Testimonial

Dr. Abdulla is an excellent dentist specializing in sleep apnea. She is knowledgeable, professional, friendly and very kind. She has been very thorough in helping my husband adjust to his oral appliance to resolve his sleep apnea. Her office staff is also kind, helpful, and friendly. We highly recommend Dr. Ann Abdulla!

Mary W., Orange County, CA

Via Yelp Testimonial

There are lots of choices when it comes to choosing a family dentist. I can't say enough about not only Dr Abdulla but her entire office staff. Dr Abdulla is sensitive, conservative with her approach, well spoken and well versed in her field and so gentle. She expands her talent with both adults and children. Most dentists in the area are quick to suggest treatments and can quickly rack up the bill. Dr Abdulla isn't one of those and I appreciate that so much especially with 3 children.

Chadnie C., Newport Beach, CA

Via Yelp Testimonial

I was treated for my jaw pain at dr Abdulla's office She is very gentle and I felt relief right away I highly recommend her treatment as with me and many others ,we all had great results

Niran I., Mission Viejo, CA

Via Yelp Testimonial

I'm so happy that Dr. Abdulla has branched into Holistic Dentistry, which is so important for meeting the needs of my Functional Medicine patients. It has been very difficult for me to be willing to refer my patients to many other holistic dentists in Southern California, whose integrity and "holistic" practices have been unacceptable. Oral devices are usually my patients' first choice when diagnosed with mild sleep apnea; it has been good to learn how many patients with severe sleep apnea can have better management by using both oral devices and CPAP. For both sleep dentistry and holistic dentistry, Dr Abdulla's knowledge base, ethics, and thoroughness are simply excellent.

Pearl Z., Irvine, CA

Via Yelp Testimonial

I went into Dr. Abdullah's office for my first TMD treatment today. She first provided me information around helpful exercises and what foods to eat/avoid. I appreciated her willingness to take the time to explain to me what I should do throughout my day to ameliorate my symptoms and lesson the pain. After provider these explanations and accompanying handouts, she worked on both sides of my jaw and used a variety of methods to relax my muscles. She answered all my questions about these methods knowledgeably, helping me to understand how and why they were helpful to my condition, which also helps me to know how to deal with my symptoms outside the office. Eileen, the dental assistant, was very gentle in the process of getting an impression for my splint. All three of the staff I met today - Dr. Abdullah, Eileen, and Jackie, the office receptionist, were very kind and helpful. Thank you again Dr. Abdullah, Eileen and Jackie!

Noor A., Laguna Niguel, CA

Via Yelp Testimonial

I am so pleased with the results of my ProSomnus dental guard for my sleep apnea. Dr. Abdulla was recommended to me by Hoag Sleep Center following my sleep test results. I truly wish I would have done this sooner! My husband wishes I did, too ;) I definately sleep better and do not require a nap to get thru my day. I found Dr Abdulla to be very knowledgeable & compassionate in her approach to treating my sleep apnea. Jacquie is very helpful and friendly at the front desk. The office is calming and efficient. I highly recommend Dr. Abdullah.

Anne P., Costa Mesa, CA

Via Yelp Testimonial

I am thrilled with my results! Dr. Abdulla has helped me with my sleep apnea. I was diagnosed with mild sleep apnea and was avoiding the cpap machine. She suggested I try the dental guards as an alternative. I am sleeping through the night and I am not yawning in the afternoon. I wake up ready to go.

Thank you Dr. Abdulla and your wonderful staff for your help.

Robin D., Irvine, CA

Via Yelp Testimonial

Five stars! Dr. Abdulla is highly skilled, gentle, caring and goes the extra mile to make sure her patients are well cared for. Her attention to detail is highly evident in the warm way that she truly cares for her patients. I have had cleaning, work on cavities , a mouth guard for grinding, and general dental care performed by her, and her wonderful staff.

Her staff are great too, and the waiting room is calming and relaxing.

I would highly recommend her for general dental work, and the expert care she provides for sleep apnea patients.

I personally travel over 50 miles to see her, as I have moved, and I trust my teeth to her skilled hands. Your smile will thank you for choosing Dr. Abdulla!

B K., Carlsbad, CA

Via Yelp Testimonial

It is always a pleasant experience coming into this office. I am always well taken care of and I have full confidence of Dr. Abdulla and her knowledge.

Aya I., Mission Viejo, CA

Via Yelp Testimonial

The mouth guard Dr. Abdulla has provided me has greatly improved my sleep. I no longer need a C-PAP device. The mouth guard is easy to use and clean. Regular check ups with Dr. Abdulla make sure everything is going well. Jackie and the staff here are super friendly and helpful. If you have sleep apnea, and have a C-PAP, visit Dr. Abdulla and she will help make your sleeping life much better.

Tom N., Aliso Viejo, CA

Via Yelp Testimonial

Thanks Dr Abdulla for helping me with my TMD. When insurance doesn't cover TMJ treatment and surgery is not needed but a night guard isn't quite enough the cash pay here is worth it. I was able to break the cycle of muscle spasm and pain thanks to Dr Abdulla's expertise with non-invasive weekly therapies, my dedication to wearing my guard at night and actually doing the PT exercises. I will probably always have TMD because of a genetic issue but now I know what triggers it, how to help myself at home with stretches and exercise and of course continue the night guard. Thanks Dr Abdullah for your expertise and interest in helping people with pain. Most clinicians avoid treating pain and you do it with compassion.

Ceci P., Miami Beach, FL

Via Yelp Testimonial

My first visit on Friday and I'm so relieved. Jackie put me immediately at ease. I've had such horrible experiences in the past and just bad treatment. I've never had a dentist I felt I could trust. I am so happy I found Dr. Abdulla. I know I am in good hands. She explained everything and took her time with me. Toni, the dental hygienist was amazing and made me feel comfortable. Even the sweet gal who took my x-rays. Such a great experience at the dentist.

Christie K., San Juan Capistrano, CA

Via Yelp Testimonial

I have been suffering from TMJ symptoms for years and have tried several different treatments with no results. After one visit to Dr. Abdulla, my pain has been decreased immensely and my range of motion is almost normal. I would highly recommend her.

Michael C., Mission Viejo, CA

Via Yelp Testimonial

I have been going to Dr. Abdulla since I was very young. Recently I have been having TMJ problems, to the point that it was becoming difficult to chew my food. I started TMJ physical therapy with Dr. Abdulla and was already feeling much better after my first session! She is very gentle and has the right technology to bring relief (ultrasound and laser acupuncture were part of my session). I will definitely be back for more TMJ sessions!

Dominic S., Morning Sunwood, Santa Ana, CA

Via Yelp Testimonial

This has been a great experience so far. A doctor referred me to Dr. Abdullah. I have sleep apnea and have become intolerant of the machine. So now I have a new dental guard, which I've been wearing faithfully for one week. I went in to have it adjusted and come to find out, the hinge is defective. Dr. Abdullah noticed this. Her office sent it right back and cannot wait to get it back from the company in NY. It's already helped me tremendously and I'm sleeping better than I have in years. Imagine when I get it adjusted! Thank you, Dr. Abdullah and staff. Very caring and knowledgeable , Jacquie and the front office lady have been great....

Karen T., Tustin, CA

Via Yelp Testimonial

I went to see Dr. Abdulla for TMJ and sleep apnea. I had recently got back from a trip and thought I had hurt my neck on a pillow, I had been to see a chiropractor 3 times to no avail.

She believed my neck hurt so bad from the TMJ. (I just thought I had a clicking jaw). I was going to go for physical therapy. She said just give me 4 visits for TMJ and if you are not feeling better then go to PT. My neck was feeling better after 2 visits! My neck pain is gone and I am sleeping so much better since I started wearing the mouth piece for sleep apnea. I highly recommend Dr. Abdulla!

Adrienne M., Lake Forest, CA

Via Yelp Testimonial

Let me add another 5 star review to Dr. Abdulla's Yelp. I had sleep apnea and for the last few years have used a cpap machine. To say that I disliked the machine would be an understatement.

Dr. Abdulla and her staff were just terrific. She made me a plastic mouth appliance for the s.a. It was done in about 5 stages over a period of weeks.....I would use each stage for 2 weeks and then move on to the next stage.

If I used that miserable cpap. machine for 4 hours a night I was lucky. Now I use Dr. Abdulla's oral device all night, every night.

The sleep apnea is now history. I couldn't be happier.

Donna H., Lake Forest, CA

Via Yelp Testimonial

I contacted Dr. Abdulla , given her specialty, for a problem I had for months with pain in my jaw and cheek. After four treatments pain is gone . Dr. Abdulla and her staff were punctual and pleasant.

Alan M., Henderson, NV

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